Great Special Offer

Great Special Offer:

The total collection of my 6 Cd’s.

+ A choice of Walker of the Snow  “Here be folk music as it was meant to be: pugilistic at times, all embracing at others”. Irish Times.  

or Message Of Peace “Some will be overwhelmed by mans abuse of man, some will have an epiphany”.

Mike Considine. Noteable Arts.

Cry Of A Dreamer. “The genuine Article” Billboard

The Orchard. “Rooted in the heartfelt tradition of honesty”. HotPress

Belladonna.   “One of the country’s major folk voices” Irish Music Mag.

Belladonna. Solo Mix. Poetry, dreams and magic. Galway Advertiser

Rising Tide. A brilliant visual and aural narrative. Irish Examiner

Seán Tyrrell Live. “Words  recruited from a kaleidoscope of eras, sources and writers. Irish Times.

€65 Includes post and packaging.

Belladonna Reviewed

Belladonna Reviewed

“Tyrrell offers folk music that belongs firmly in the now, his respect for roots cohabiting thrillingly with a willingness to stretch, invest and experiment. Pulling it all together is Tyrrell’s acclaimed voice , a thing of wonder which occupies its own  distinctive space somewhere between the seductive sweetness of John Martyn and the authoritative rasp of Luke Kelly”
Liam Mackey, Hotpress 13.03.02

“Tyrrell’s repertoire is filled with a sense of wonder, imagery and hope. He brings new life to old and sometimes under-valued songs and poetry and his treatment of contemporary material is superb”.
Paul Dromey, Irish Examiner 14.02.02

“Those gravelled vocals still reverberate, the guitar and tenor banjo underscoring the delivery with suitably bass tones. Third album on and Tyrrell’s fascination with words and with poetry is stronger than ever”.
Siobhan Long. Irish Times 20.02.02

“Belladonna is a magical concoction of prose and poetry delivered by a soulful and passionate voice, rich with imagery and narrative ingenuity”.
Gerry Quinn, Clare Champion 15.02.02

“There  is a deeper and more intense urgency to this recording than is evident on first listen. Belladonna is a trove of new material from Sean, whose great art is in setting words to music”
Ita Kelly, Galway Advertiser 14.02.02