Great Special Offer

Great Special Offer:

The total collection of my 6 Cd’s.

+ A choice of Walker of the Snow  “Here be folk music as it was meant to be: pugilistic at times, all embracing at others”. Irish Times.  

or Message Of Peace “Some will be overwhelmed by mans abuse of man, some will have an epiphany”.

Mike Considine. Noteable Arts.

Cry Of A Dreamer. “The genuine Article” Billboard

The Orchard. “Rooted in the heartfelt tradition of honesty”. HotPress

Belladonna.   “One of the country’s major folk voices” Irish Music Mag.

Belladonna. Solo Mix. Poetry, dreams and magic. Galway Advertiser

Rising Tide. A brilliant visual and aural narrative. Irish Examiner

Seán Tyrrell Live. “Words  recruited from a kaleidoscope of eras, sources and writers. Irish Times.

€65 Includes post and packaging.


Critical Acclaim ……

 “The poem was given a dramatic presentation with all the boost and blast-off that song and music and topical allusion can provide. The psychosexual demons were no longer at bay but rampant and fully recognized. Orpheus had been re-membered in Ireland” Seamus Heaney – Nobel Poet Laureate.

 “The genuine article” Billboard (US)

 “If you’re lucky you come across a voice like Seán’s once in a lifetime,” Oscar winning actress Brenda Fricker said. “When he sings I feel alive.” Brenda Fricker.

 “Words are recruited by him (Tyrrell) from a kaleidoscope of eras, sources and writers, fed into the processor of his cranium, to be measured, tried on and fitted out with the singer’s forte  – a fine tune”, The Irish Times

 “(Tyrrell) displays an assortment of indigenous musical styles from Cajun to Blues, to rock to Irish traditional”, held together by astonishingly accomplished musicianship, rooted in the heartfelt tradition of honesty” HotPress

 “The man is a powerful and persuasive performer without any extraneous decorations” Folk Roots (UK)

 “Sean Tyrrell displays a once familiar, now almost defunct and forgotten romanticism  – the pure lyric and the solid but kind instrumental back-up” Folk On Tap (US)

 “One of the country’s major folk voices” Irish Music Magazine

 Cry of a Dreamer is unspoilt beauty that contains more passion than 1,000 Take That records, more soul than Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston” Jewish Telegraph (US)

 “Sean has the ability to entrance and mesmerise” Magpie

 Seán Tyrrell has fostered a reputation as a lover of language, of poetry, of words strung together in webs that capture moments and places.  This reputation was confirmed by his first album (released in 1994) and is further strengthened by this latest CD. Froots.

  Poetry, dreams and magic- Seán Tyrrell. Galway Advertiser

 Rising Tide’ is a collective brilliant visual and aural narrative, full of fresh and inspired convictions, delivered in a self -assured and luminously distinctive voice. Irish Examiner.