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ROOTS -Traditional
Sean Tyrrell: “The Orchard” (Longwalk Music)
There’s a serious Roy Harperish originality to this guy, even though he sings a lot of other people’s songs and trad anthems such as Wild Mountain Thyme, letting the songs trail off into disintegrating a cappella in space-tinged, ambient soundscapes: Excellently produced by himself and Davy Spillane, it’s got guitar texturist Greg Boland along side native music from Liam Lewis, Josephine Marsh and John Kelly. Superb is the feeling satire of Bad Luck To This Marchin, a 19th Century poem by Charles Lever (“Sure it’s better beat, Christians than kick a baboon”) chiller still is The Ghost Of Billy Mulvihill, a song worthy of Nick Cave or Ruth Dillon’s One Eye Open. My eyes or ears certainly were.

Mick Moroney