Great Special Offer

Great Special Offer:

The total collection of my 6 Cd’s.

+ A choice of Walker of the Snow  “Here be folk music as it was meant to be: pugilistic at times, all embracing at others”. Irish Times.  

or Message Of Peace “Some will be overwhelmed by mans abuse of man, some will have an epiphany”.

Mike Considine. Noteable Arts.

Cry Of A Dreamer. “The genuine Article” Billboard

The Orchard. “Rooted in the heartfelt tradition of honesty”. HotPress

Belladonna.   “One of the country’s major folk voices” Irish Music Mag.

Belladonna. Solo Mix. Poetry, dreams and magic. Galway Advertiser

Rising Tide. A brilliant visual and aural narrative. Irish Examiner

Seán Tyrrell Live. “Words  recruited from a kaleidoscope of eras, sources and writers. Irish Times.

€65 Includes post and packaging.

No Go Blavatsky

No Go Blavatsky

This show is  a comic, musical journey but not as we know it. Tracing Tyrrell’s travels through music, song and story often with hilarious consequences. From his innocent awakenings in Galway of the sixties, to exotic climes such as Moate, Comebychance and far beyond.

The show introduces us to characters and places that would not be out of place in a Myles na Gopaleen tale. It is a how not to do it approach to professional music, from  BnB in a Cape Breton police station to his  arrival at a major gig on board the bucket of a giant JCB, burying a dead horse on the way. That was touring Tyrrell style on a grand scale.

Things might only improve from here but not for Tyrrell. His path has never been straight forward, after witnessing this show, one cannot be blamed for suspecting that he may have paved the musical bothareen less travelled.
‘No go Blavatsky’ could do for Comebychance what moving statues did for Ballinspittle. Sit back and enjoy the trip.