Very rare endangered vinyl – Apples in Winter


Here is a rare Christmas offer. Back in 1975, Jack Geary and I recorded an album in Methuen Mass with a great supporting cast of musicians entitled “Apples in Winter”

Long out of print it is a collectors item, much sought after by my supporters. For those of you out there who I am told would sell their Mammies to get their hands on a copy, no need for such drastic measures, you can hang on to her for another while.

As a special Christmas Gift. A digital copy is now available (FOR FREE!) to anyone who purchases – Any  three of the CDs for $28 from the website or The Total Collection of six CDs consisting of Cry Of The Dreamer. The Orchard. Belladonna. Rising Tide. Sean Tyrrell Live. Belladonna Solo mix + a choice of Walker Of The Snow or Message Of Peace Priced $60 mail included.

Upon purchase, you will receive by email a link and password to the page with a link to the album the art work back and front cover.
This is a limited offer so get it while you can!

Can also be downloaded from Itunes

 ‘Moonlight On Galway Bay’ is finally here!

Layout 1“Sean has always been changing and growing in his artistry and in the way he approaches it. Now comes this masterpiece. I suspect strongly we are looking at Male Vocal Album of the Year here. This is all classical music in the Irish vein and all completely new. He does not soar vocally and try to impress us with the magnificence of his voice. All of these songs are sung quietly and with deep emotion,  allows us to really hear and focus on the lyrics. No male Irish singer interprets lyrics better than Sean Tyrrell.”  Bill Margeson. Live Ireland. “Moonlight On Galway Bay”

It’s especially welcome because even though the material is really quite familiar, it is delivered in a way that would never suggest a “come-all-ye” style.  Rather, the focus lay squarely on Tyrrell’s (as the liner notes rightly say) “unmistakable, forlorn voice.” Its depth, space and intimacy helps winnow away the well-forged expectations about what many of these songs should sound like.

     The instrumental backing is light and fits the song’s tone, but Tyrrell’s delivery is again the attraction. His easy yet doleful style projects an intimacy often absent in other renditions and again turns what is a familiar song into a captivating story.

     With so many great old songs, “Galway Bay” will surely thrill the throngs of people who still feel a great sense of nostalgia for this repertory. However, by making an effort to understand what made these songs well loved in the first place and then finding the right music to fit the poetry, Tyrrell has reframed them in a most welcome and stylish way and made them feel new again…it’s fascinating stuff to hear!

EchoArts & lifestyle. Irish Echo. Dan Neely.

“Galway Bay”


“Ballroom of Broken Dreams”


“I’ll take you home again Kathleen”


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The road less traveled has been the favourite stomping ground for Seán Tyrrell and this journey with ‘The Walker of the Snow’ which has been more than five years in the making takes us on another extraordinary musical journey. Its title track is based on a poem by the 19th century Dublin poet Charles Dawson Shanley a mesmerising, ghostly tale set in the Yukon presented in a sparse acoustic style, as are the other songs on this new CD, including Seán’s version of the Tom Paxton classic ‘Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound’ and a hair raising rendition of ‘She Moves Through The Fair’.

In the words of Eamonn MC Cann “No other writer or singer in Ireland would have apprehended the shadow much less made substance of this cycle of songs. This is an album to be listened to gently for the enjoyment of its gusto. It deserves the widest possible audience”.

Siobhán Long Irish Times Review  “Tyrrell wanders through vastly different landscapes, from the suitably wayward and Wildean Reading Gaol to the bittersweet ambivalence of the timely closer, I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound, borrowed from Tom Paxton’s songbook. . .Siobhán Long Irish Times.

 Tyrrell’s selections – some original, others taken from the traditional repertory, adapted from poetry or borrowed from songwriters outside the tradition – all revel in story and metaphor, often injected with a bracing (and disarming) directness that impels listeners to understand the messages in them.
The album’s musical arrangements are built on Tyrrell’s mandocello and tenor guitar, but many also include acoustic, electric & slide guitar, Hammond organ, and even synthesizer. It allows in an occasional folk-rock sensibility that moves the album beyond the typical borders of Irish traditional song.

His take on John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero,” a song that few can adapt effectively, but one on which Tyrrell excels. Led by Tyrrell’s powerful voice, “The Walker of the Snow” is an excellent album that explores the corners of existential meaning. 

Daniel Neely Irish Echo


This show maps the amazing life and incredible work of one of Ireland’s lesser known heroes. Through the medium of song and story it paints a vivid picture of John Boyle O’Reilly’s  journey from his boyhood in Dowth, enlistment as a Fenian, his imprisonment and great escape from the penal colony in Fremantle on board an American whaling ship . He settled in Boston and  became one of the most important Irishmen in America of his day.

It’s  theatre, great songs ranging from Oscar Wilde to  John Lennon. Storytelling, history, its now, relevant, humourous, tragic, heroic the life of a majestic visionary soul. A poet, rebel, courage of a freedom fighter and commitment of a civil rights activist.