Very rare endangered vinyl – Apples in Winter


Here is a rare Christmas offer. Back in 1975, Jack Geary and I recorded an album in Methuen Mass with a great supporting cast of musicians entitled “Apples in Winter”

Long out of print it is a collectors item, much sought after by my supporters. For those of you out there who I am told would sell their Mammies to get their hands on a copy, no need for such drastic measures, you can hang on to her for another while.

As a special Christmas Gift. A digital copy is now available (FOR FREE!) to anyone who purchases – Any  three of the CDs for $28 from the website or The Total Collection of six CDs consisting of Cry Of The Dreamer. The Orchard. Belladonna. Rising Tide. Sean Tyrrell Live. Belladonna Solo mix + a choice of Walker Of The Snow or Message Of Peace Priced $60 mail included.

Upon purchase, you will receive by email a link and password to the page with a link to the album the art work back and front cover.
This is a limited offer so get it while you can!

 ‘Moonlight On Galway Bay’ is finally here!

Layout 1“Sean has always been changing and growing in his artistry and in the way he approaches it. Now comes this masterpiece. I suspect strongly we are looking at Male Vocal Album of the Year here. This is all classical music in the Irish vein and all completely new. He does not soar vocally and try to impress us with the magnificence of his voice. All of these songs are sung quietly and with deep emotion,  allows us to really hear and focus on the lyrics. No male Irish singer interprets lyrics better than Sean Tyrrell.”  Bill Margeson. Live Ireland. “Moonlight On Galway Bay”

It’s especially welcome because even though the material is really quite familiar, it is delivered in a way that would never suggest a “come-all-ye” style.  Rather, the focus lay squarely on Tyrrell’s (as the liner notes rightly say) “unmistakable, forlorn voice.” Its depth, space and intimacy helps winnow away the well-forged expectations about what many of these songs should sound like.

         This is especially true on tracks like “Star of the County Down” (which includes a hidden track: “Wild Mountain Thyme”), “Dan O’Hara,” “Down By The Glenside,” “Galway Bay” and “The Mountains of Mourne.”  Take “Star,” for example.  Tyrrell phrasing is lovely – it’s like he’s singing it in a small room, just for you – but it’s his shift in meter between the verse and chorus that becomes the track’s signature.  It not only gives it a more personal feel, but it makes it feel like much more of a story with musical accompaniment than a traditionally delivered “song.” 

 The instrumental backing is light and fits the song’s tone, but Tyrrell’s delivery is again the attraction. His easy yet doleful style projects an intimacy often absent in other renditions and again turns what is a familiar song into a captivating story.

         Some of the other tracks have more of an “epic” feel.  The album’s radio hit will surely be “Isle of Innisfree,” the Bing Crosby/“Quiet Man” favorite to which Tyrrell brings a sense of accessibility.  He is joined by an all-star cast that includes Tommy Peoples, viola; Liam Lewis, fiddle; and Davy Spillane, pipes & low whistle, among others. It’s a formidable group that has come together on this track in a very crowd pleasing way.

         With so many great old songs, “Galway Bay” will surely thrill the throngs of people who still feel a great sense of nostalgia for this repertory. However, by making an effort to understand what made these songs well loved in the first place and then finding the right music to fit the poetry, Tyrrell has reframed them in a most welcome and stylish way and made them feel new again…it’s fascinating stuff to hear!

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“Galway Bay”


“Ballroom of Broken Dreams”


“I’ll take you home again Kathleen”


 This is what Little John Nee had to say upon hearing the album.

jneeA most beautiful collection of songs. Seán has reclaimed them as only he could, allowing them to be great again; going to the essence and rekindling the fire that once burned so brightly in them, giving them a relevance and resonance that is as potent today as ever it was.
It is a very rare treat to hear a song for the first time and be able to sing along with it. Any changes have been made with great care and I think Seán shows a loyalty and respect to these songs that has been sorely wanting.  Let you listen yourself.


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